Discover Aix-en-Provence

Capital of Provence in the 15th Century, Aix still shines today through its dynamism and its cultural heritage. Aix is a spa town with bourgeois residences and a hundred fountains, immortalized by Paul Cézanne and his Sainte-Victoire. It seems to be the archetype of the romantic city, attracting many students from all over the world, lovers of Lyric Art, epicureans, hikers and others.
cathedral place archevêché, Aix en Provence

The Cathedral of Saint-Sauveur

200 meters from the Hotel Paul.It combines Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque art.Its construction began in the 5th century and was completed in the 18th century. The Saint-Sauveur cloister was built around 1190 and is the only Provencal cloister not to be vaulted but covered with a roof.The hotel Paul will be pleased to give youto indicate you the schedulesof visits of the Cathedraland the cloister.
Roi René, cours Mirabeau, Aix en Provence

Cours Mirabeau

The Cours Mirabeau, with its statute of King Rene, is the central artery of the city, "the imposing spectacle of which those who have not seen it will never be able to form an idea" according to the Aix historian Ambroise Roux-Alphéran.
Festival Art Lyrique, place archevêché, Aix en Provence

Place of Archevêché

The former palace of the archbishops of Aix, classified in 1942, adjoins the cathedral. This palace is home to the Tapestry Museum and has hosted the Aix-en-Provence Lyric Art Festival every summer since 1948, in the open air, at nightfall.It is one of the biggest lyrical festivals in Europe, with a particular affinity for Mozart's operas.
Choux, Marché Place Richelme, Aix en Provence

The Place Richelme's Market

...Since the 14th century !Provencal market ! Vegetables, lavender, spices, regional products, cheeses, fish market. Typical, and entertaining. The café terraces are next to the daily seasonal stalls.
Hotel Art Center of Caumont, Aix en Provence

Hôtel of Caumont

Formerly the Darius Milhaud Conservatory, it now houses an art center, hosting exhibitions around Turner, Chagall, and Guggenheim masterpieces...

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Atelier Cézanne,  Aix en Provence

Atelier Cézanne

A country house built by Paul Cézanne in 1901, on the hill of Lauves, where he painted his last works until his death in 1906. Writings, personal objects, working materials ... A moving visit that plunges us into the intimacy of the painter. On reservation. 350 meters from the Hôtel Paul, accessible on foot!

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Victor Vasarely, "Kalota II", 1960-1964, Collection particulière, Bruxelles (Photo © Centre Pompidou / Philippe Migeat © Adagp, Paris, 2018)

The Vasarely Foundation

Victor Vasarely, figure of the popular art of the years 1960-1970 was the inventor of the optical art.
The Foundation, comprising 16 hexagons of 14 m width between opposite sides. It was inaugurated in 1976, in the presence of Madame Pompidou, and Jacques Chirac, then Prime Minister.
These paintings, "you can not fix the image. What you see is different from what you will see two or three seconds later ... ". Michel Gauthier, exhibition curator.

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Place de la Rotonde, Aix en Provence

The Place de la Rotonde

Inaugurated in 1860, the "Lion Fountain" built in stone from regional quarries is one of the most emblematic monuments of the city.
Place Albertas, Aix en Provence

Place d’Albertas

Classified as a historical monument since 2000.

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Détail statue, jardin Joseph Sec, Aix en Provence

The Joseph Sec's Garden

Adjacent to the hotel. Nice garden with a Jacobin monument, rare vestige of a revolutionary architecture.